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Basic HTML (2nd Edition)

Click on this link to learn how to download and install the FileZilla FTP software:


Basic HTML (1st Edition)

Unfortunately, the ISP recommended on Page 58 in the 1st Edition of Basic HTML, Webtribe, no longer allows normal FTP access to its site.

Instead of reading Pages 58 and 59, please carry out these two steps:

  1. Get an e-mail address. (If you already have one, don't worry - just go straight on to Step 2!)
  1. Get some webspace
Once you have completed the above two steps, carry on from Page 60 and read these important points:
  • Wherever you see ftp.webtribe.net in the book, type ftp.portland.co.uk instead.
  • Wherever it says type your username and password, use your special new FTP username and password from Portland (at the end of Step 2).
  • Download FTP.exe by right-clicking on the link and click Save Link As... or Save Link Target As... from the popup menu.
    Save the file to your Desktop


When you get to the Disconnect section of Page 63, do this instead:

  • Press the Disconnect button to close the FTP connection.
  • In your browser, load your web site by opening the page [your-website-name].port5.com from Step 2 (for example, Fred's will be fredswebsite.port5.com).
  • Your splash page should load automatically.
  • Is everything there? If not, reopen the FTP software and upload any missing pages or pictures.
  • Disconnect from the internet and close your browser.
Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming an HTML expert!