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'A2' Computing Revision Home User License
(2nd Edition)

by A Day

Maximise your grades and achieve better results with this revision package for the AQA modules written by experienced examiner, Alison Day.

A random 10 questions from a bank of 30 or more questions on each topic are given each time you attempt a quiz, and a full explanation is given after each question is attempted.

Contents include:

Module 4: Processing and Programming Techniques
Processor Structure and Low Level Programming - Programming Concepts - Data Representation in Computers - Operating Systems

Module 5: Advanced Systems Development
Applications and Effects including Databases - Systems Development - Hardware Devices - Networking and the Internet

Publication Date: 28th April 2003
ISBN: 1 904467 58 X
Home User License
Price: £15.00 (inc VAT)

The software is supplied on CD and may be installed on a single PC.


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