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'A2' ICT Revision (Annual Site License) by P M Heathcote

Maximise your students' grades with this revision package for the AQA modules written by Pat Heathcote. This software will help your students achieve better results and keep them interested and motivated as well as aid your lesson planning and save you time.

A random 10 questions from a bank of 30 or more questions on each topic are given each time a student attempts a quiz, and a full explanation is given after each question is attempted.

Contents include:

Module 4: Information Systems within Organisations
Organisations and Information - Management of ICT - User Support, Training and Codes of Practice

Module 5: Information: Policy, Strategy and Systems
Policy Issues and Software Evaluation - Database Management Concepts and Networks - HCI, Software Development and Standards

The software is supplied on CD and can be installed on any number of computers at one site in your school/college.

The package may be either purchased as a lifetime license, or leased as an annual license which converts to a lifetime license in the second year.

Publication Date: September 2002
Annual Site License
Price: £100.00 p.a. (+ VAT)

FREE delivery on any two items ordered online

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