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About the books
Each chapter in any of these books should be a complete, rounded lesson which includes some assessment at Levels 3, 4 or 5. Much of the book may consist of exercises which pupils can follow on their own at the computer, but some of the content may include ideas which the teacher can develop with the class. The content will follow closely the Framework for Teaching Key Stage 3 ICT and the aim is to save a busy teacher time by providing a lesson plan, ideas and material which covers the syllabus requirements and provides assessment opportunities and guidance.

How to start
Before you embark on your outline and sample chapter, you need to understand and follow the format and style of books in this series. The best way of doing this is to study an existing title in the series.

If you have not got a copy of Control and Monitoring with Flowol2, please e-mail
giving your name, school address and the title you are thinking of writing and we will send you a free copy.

Technical details
The books will be produced in colour, about 70-80 pages in length. Your sample should be word processed and you must supply high resolution (300 dpi) screen shots as separate .tif files. You should use Office 2003, because although schools do not always have the latest software, we would like the book to last two or three years before you have to update it.

Authors royalties
We pay royalty on each copy sold, and we expect to sell several thousand copies of each title every year. It can be a very nice little earner!

What to do next
Start writing! Please submit a very brief chapter-by-chapter outline (6-8 chapters) and a sample chapter together with a covering letter giving brief details of your experience and any other books or articles you have written.
Send the letter and sample to:
Pat Heathcote,
Payne-Gallway Publishers Ltd


Or, telephone Pat for a chat on .

P. S. If you have other ideas for a book that you see a niche for, why not telephone Pat to discuss your idea!

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