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Easier to understand, October 2004
Departmental resources for a new member of staff Teaching AVCE systems Analysis - she finds it easier to understand and is able to put across to students the work for the course.

Comprehensive coverage
Reviewer: R Sherratt, Chase Terrace Technology College

A full comprehensive coverage of the units. We feel more confident in delivering this course.

I will be recommending these books
Reviewer: Mrs A Pugh, Lecturer

This book is well-written, informative and clear. In addition, the teacher/ student resources are excellent. As a result, I will be recommending these books as 'required reading material' (Course texts) to my students. I look forward to the day when similar books and resources are available for all the additional and optional units, also!! Thank you.

Reviewer: I Wood
All our AVCE students will be purchasing this book. Excellent, thoughtfully structured.

Impresses by the quality of ICT texts
Reviewer: Mr M Armstrong Harris,
Edgbarrow Schools, Crowthorn Berkshire
We are likely to adopt the AVCE texts as standard texts next year. We remain impressed by the quality of ICT texts.

Full of good ideas
Reviewer: Mr D Day,
King Edward VI Community College, TOTNES
All three of these books are just what I have been looking for. Well written, pitched at the correct level, packed full of good ideas. Will save me HOURS of work.

Excellent preparation for unit assessment,
Reviewer: Allan A. Blakeley & Peter M. Nurse, Course tutors GNVQ ICT Intermediate & AVCE ICT
We wish to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of the quality of your books and the service that we have received.
We have compared your books for AVCE in ICT with those from other publishers and have come to the conclusion that yours are the better by far. They contain more detail and guidance for the student, and are well laid out. The examples the students have to work through provide excellent preparation for unit assessment, both external and portfolio.


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