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FileZilla Instructions

If you are in a classroom, ask your teacher before following these instructions - they may have installed FileZilla already so that you can carry on with the book straight away.
On school computers, your teacher may have to install this program for you if you don't have permission.

  1. Downloading FileZilla
    • Right-click on the FileZilla-Install.exe link below and select Save Link As... or Save Link Target As... from the popup menu.
    • Save the file to the Desktop


  1. Installing FileZilla
    • Minimise all of your windows so that you can see your dekstop. (Don't close this window - you need these instructions!)
    • Double-click on the new FileZilla-Install icon on your desktop.
    • A new window should appear, like this:

      Select English from the list and press OK.
    • Click I Agree at the next screen:

    • De-select the Additional language files option and click Next:

    • It is usually OK to click Install straight away.

      On certain school systems it may be necessary to change the Destination Folder; the system administrator should know where programs can be installed.

    • Click Yes when prompted so that FileZilla runs in secure mode.

    • Finally, press Close to complete the installation.

    • Find the new shortcut that has appeared on your desktop and double-click on it to launch FileZilla:

    • A question box may appear asking whether you would like use an XML file. Select No and wait for the main FileZilla window to appear.
      Close the program. You are now ready to continue with Chapter 8. Next time you start FileZilla, the question box will not appear.

      Note: the program FileZilla-Install on your desktop can be deleted now.