Web Site

Step 2

Follow these instructions to get some webspace - a place to put your web site on the internet!

  • Make sure you are still connected to the Internet.
  • Click on a blank part of this browser window.
  • Hold down the Control (sometimes called Ctrl) key on your keyboard, and then press N. Let go of both keys at the same time.
  • In the new window that appears, go to www.portland.co.uk
  • You should see a page similar to this:

  • From the menu on the right-hand side, click Hosting:

  • On the new Web Hosting Packages page, click FREE Webhosting next to the first blue and yellow icon:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the new page, find the heading Select from the following options: and click on the bottom option:

  • Think of a name for your web site for the first box. You can use letters, numbers and hyphens, -, but not spaces.
  • Make sure that the second box says port5.com
  • Type your entire e-mail address into the third box.

  • Write all of these things down on a piece of paper, and click the Submit button.
  • After a minute or two, the address of your webspace will appear on the screen, for example Fred's is fredswebsite.port5.com
  • Write this down, then check your e-mail.
  • You should have a new e-mail which tells you your new FTP username and password. Write these down as well, because they are very important. (If the e-mail hasn't arrived yet, wait for a few minutes and then check again).
  • Close your e-mail.

You have now completed steps 1 and 2. Click here and carry on with the instructions.