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I would recommend this book
Reviewer: Cecilia Manson, Castlederg High School
Excellent book - used for the last two years. Look forward to using the new edition.

Reviewer: J Reason, Lecturer, Crawley College
Clear, step-by-step approach with screenshots to enable students to move forward.

Best I have seen
Reviewer: Mrs Charlotte Broomfield, Lecturer
Just to let you know that this book, and the resources available on this site are by far the best I have seen. Thank you!

Excellent illustrations
Reviewer: .Mr. Robin Zarine, Seychelles Polytechnic
This book is very comprehensive, excellent illustrations which can help beginners to find their way around. We have a high demand here now that this course will be internationally recognized. This book will be useful to candidates who want to upgrade their office IT skills. It is organised in such a way that it fits the classroom session and covers the concepts well.

Absolutely magnificent
Reviewer: Mr A Witherow, North East Institute of F & H Education, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
I came across your superb book, this book is absolutely magnificent and a must for all IT teachers. I was amazed with the books clarity and relevance to the appropriate material. Having just completed a ECDL course I can say that this book is a legend

Just what I have been looking for
Reviewer: Mr D Day, King Edward VI Community College, TOTNES
"All three of these books are just what I have been looking for. Well written, pitched at the correct level, packed full of good ideas. Will save me HOURS of work

Comprehensive, versatile guide to the ICT Key Skills course
Reviewer: A Reader from Uxbridge
The clarity with which this book covers the ICT Key Skills syllabus has ensured that I will be making this the required text in the future. As the previous reviewer stated, this book ought to become the de facto standard for teaching in this area. The most useful aspect for me is the material available on the web - any tutor will surely appreciate this. The book and the resources available on the web complete a superb package.

Everything you need to know for ICT Key Skills course
Reviewer: A Reader from Oxford
Invaluable for students and very useful for staff. The course is explained clearly and is suitable for all levels of ability. Extra resources are available from the publisher's web page and thus provides a complete package. This text could and should become the standard for Key Skills in ICT levels 2 and 3.


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