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October 2002


Student's Basic HTML book for Students!

Andrew Whyte has passed his 'A' levels and is going to Cambridge - that's pretty good in itself but what makes it even better is that he managed to write a best selling book whilst studying! Andrew, a former sixth form student at Woodbridge School is the author of Basic HTML which is now being used in school classrooms around the country.

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The book teaches students in year 9 and above the basic concepts of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and how to use it to build web sites.

Payne-Gallway, the publisher of this book and a range of ICT books for use in education, spotted Andrew's talent when he showed them two web sites he had made using HTML. Pat Heathcote, MD of Payne-Gallway, said "Andrew has managed to explain complicated issues clearly and concisely and has done a superb job all round".

Andrew's talent isn't limited to just computers. He sings in the National Youth Choir, is an accomplished piano accompanist with a professional orchestra, holds his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and once saved the life of a woman who was being attacked by cattle in a field in Keswick.

Basic HTML (ISBN ) price £6.95 is available from BEBC Distribution, P.O. Box 3371, Poole, Dorset BH12 3LL

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Basic HTML



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