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Successful ICT Projects in Access Resources


To accompany Successful ICT Projects in Access, files named NewsAgt2.mdb, NewsAgt3.mdb .. NewsAgt9.mdb show the NewsAgt application as it will be at the end of chapters 2, 3, .. 9.  You can download any of these files here: if for example you want to go through chapter 7 without completing chapters 1 to 6, download NewsAgt6.mdb.
Click here to download the self-extracting files NewsAgt2.exe NewsAgt3.exe NewsAgt4.exe NewsAgt5.exe NewsAgt6.exe NewsAgt7.exe NewsAgt8.exe NewsAgt9.exe Snackbar.exe which unzip when double-clicked to the corresponding Access 97 .mdb files.  The same files for Access 7 are NwsAg2a7.exe NwsAg3a7.exe NwsAg4a7.exe NwsAg5a7.exe NwsAg6a7.exe NwsAg7a7.exe NwsAg8a7.exe NwsAg9a7.exe Snkbara7.exe

The corresponding files for Access 2002 are Newsagt2002.exe


The student resources are PC self-extracting .exe files. Click on a link to download a file then double-click the file in Windows Explorer / File Manager to expand.

Macintosh users please use Stuffit Expander 6.5 or above to expand the .exe files



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