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Applied ICT for GCSE
(Double Award)
by P M Heathcote & C Highmore

This book covers the three units of the GCSE in Applied ICT which can be taken as a two-year course from September 2002 or a one-year course from September 2003. It will be an invaluable text for students studying this course for assessment by any of the examination boards. The Assessment grid for Edexcel has been included in the book

Unit 1 is a very practical unit and the student is shown how to use various applications including a web browser, word processing, database, spreadsheet and multimedia presentation software.

Unit 2 covers the ways in which ICT is used in different types of organisation. It includes numerous discussion points and ideas for students to research. It takes the student through the various stages of designing and implementing an ICT system.

Unit 3 explores how individuals, families, clubs, people at work and community groups use ICT. Up-to-date case studies are used as the basis for discussion and exercises, with suggestions and guidance for work.

Publication Date: August 2002
Page Extent:
ISBN: 1 903112 753
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