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Teacher's Resources for Basic Internet.

For practice in downloading a self-extracting file, click here to download the file Mog.exe. This an 80Kb file and should take less than half a minute.
Here is some extra information to help you keep up with the continual changes in web site addresses, search engines and so on. The page will be updated regularly and you can print it from your browser.

Basic Internet is now in its 3rd edition but the content is the same except for some updated illustrations. The following notes apply to all editions.
In Fig 1.3, the Dinosaurs link is no longer there but you can find the page in Science & Nature or by entering the address - and who knows, the BBC may put it back!
In Fig 2.3, Brittanica is unfortunately now subscription only, but you can try the Columbia via RefDesk, Bartleby.
In Fig 2.6, the LookSmart directories are slightly reorganised.
In Fig 2.7, Encarta is reorganized – look for Encyclopedia articles.
Multimap now offers aerial photos of some areas, world maps, even driving directions! It now covers most of the world.
AltaVista is different and you might also try Google, which is excellent, though it warns that all images are copyright. For royalty-free images you can search on "royalty free" or “free images”.
In Fig 5.5 go to

How do you know if someone has read your e-mail message? You can set Return Receipt but this only works between the same type of e-mail program.

Newsgroups can be read on Google.

Connecting up
Internet access is available only from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Between you and the ISP come several options.

Most common is a phone connection, requiring a modem (modulator/demodulator) which these days operates at 56k bits/sec, the minimum practical speed for browsing web pages. Becoming available is broadband, usually ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) which is not only 20x faster but doesn't interfere with the voice service but you must be within 5km of an exchange. Another option is via Cable TV, requiring a cable modem. An ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line gives a fast but expensive digital connection requiring a terminal adaptor instead of a modem, and can only be used as a direct connection between two ISDN subscribers. Both cable and ADSL need a network card in addition. For more details see  for general info, for ADSL and or for cable.  A more expensive option is satellite: see for domestic users and the Remote Area Broadband Inclusion Trial (RABBIT, for SMEs.

The computer dials in on a special line to the ISP, who gives you a username and password. While all this sounds technical many ISPs offer a free connection, and their software does all the installation for you including Internet Explorer and Outlook Express which are free.

Setting up e-mail
Should you need to do any other setting up in Tools, Accounts, you specify POP3 (Post Office Protocol) for incoming mail and SMTP (Simplified Mail Transfer Protocol) for outgoing.

Useful reference sites for teachers Guardian learning resources educational resources BBC schools Channel4 schools Times Ed BECTA Guardian educational search engine general educational site EduLinks UK educational links, especially science has timelines, with lifelines of the famous walk through time New Scientist Scientific American a thematic collection of human Web guides Internet Public Library public sector sites OFSTED website tailored to teachers' needs independent schools SchoolsNet, revision covering key skills 3 & 4 Tate Gallery images to download  art online finds magazine articles back to 1998

Online Educational Resources
  Anglia Campus professional training Times Ed  Met Office

Education  Dept of Education & Environment  National Grid for Learning  Qualifications & Curriculum Authority  BECTA  Teacher Training Agency   National Curriculum Online   Further Education   Top

Services  send text messages to mobiles free  Yellow Pages  e-mail addresses  phone numbers  NHS  Police  government information and services  Free Online Dictionary of Computing (Foldoc)  TechEncyclopedia  finding pubs, theatres etc in a UK mainland locality  make a free online calendar

Shopping  B&Q                      Dulux                 Tesco  collective buying  computers and software  search properties from hundreds of estate agents, with lots of help  book flights, ferries, cars, hotels …  eBay online auctions  reviews and cheapest deals

General interest  Dynamic Earth tells you all about rocks, stones and minerals  NASA satellite pictures and animations of the earth – all public domain.  everything about volcanoes, virtual tour of Pompeii and live volcano cams.  Zoom Inventors and Inventions  San Francisco science museum  National Geographic  anagrams galore!  the fascinating diary of Winifred Llewhellin, born on June 15th 1879  webcams trained on animals
  ‘eye witness reports’ of major historical events

Search engines
  Google currently rated the best; also local  new Google shopping  Yahoo UK & Ireland has good directories  Excite UK  Lycos UK   Xrefer reference site (you have to pay)  Complete Planet: finds normally invisible pages  Galaxy thematic directory of detailed categories  WebBrain gives a visual representation of categories
  Open Directory  useful thematic directory

Metasearch engines - search other engines  MetaCrawler                                   DogPile (careful which class you announce this one in...)  Metor  iWon
For other specialized search sites see the Yahoo directories (). Top

Browser shortcuts
If you are entering an address with www. and .com, just type in the middle part and press Ctrl-Enter. Internet Explorer enters the www. and .com for you.
Instead of adding a page to the Favorites list, you can put it on the Links bar to be more accessible. Display this from the View menu - it can be either under the address bar or to the right of it.
Internet Explorer 6 is much the same as 5, but the File, Print dialogue lets you print individual frames and a table of hyperlinks.

Some popular sites may keep you waiting to download and will be slow, but they often have ‘mirror sites’ elsewhere that you can access quicker. You will be directed to these. Generally, you will be able to download files faster from European sites than from American ones, especially during US working hours. When downloading very large files, the connection may be broken or the computer may hang up. In this case, it is useful to have a Download Manager such as GetRight which will resume the download rather than having to restart.
Check for MSOffice updates, for Windows drivers.
Check you have a virus checker installed for your network or individual machines. This should monitor not only files on disk but also files arriving via the Internet or e-mail. Although files downloaded from well-established sites should be quite safe, executable (.exe) files can be infected with viruses, and Word .doc and .dot files can harbour macro viruses. You can find out more about viruses and virus checkers on, or look for Norton AntiVirus on These cost £20 - £30, while Antivir ( is free.

Preventing e-mail viruses
The e-mail macro viruses that take over Outlook Express are .vbs files (Visual Basic Script). This is normally used for operations like synchronising hand-held computers with desktop PCs so can be disabled if you don’t use these functions. To do this:
Select Start, Settings, Control Panel and double-click Add/Remove Programs.
Click the Windows Setup tab, open Accessories and uncheck Windows Scripting Host.
You will also need to disable VBS scripting in case you have already downloaded vbs files. Double-click the My Computer icon, select View, Options, select the File Types tab, look for VBScript File in the list, and if it is there select it and click Remove. This will prevent them from mailing themselves to your mailing list. There is also a free program Watchdog ( that warns you whenever a dangerous script is about to be executed. There are several bad viruses circulating now. Top

The issue of wholesale copying of material for school work has come to a head with the Internet. Some different approaches to dealing with it are:

  • Looking up some keywords in a search engine to find the source
  • Blanking out some words and inviting the student to fill them in from memory!
  • Getting the students to give a brief talk on the subject.


Connecting up

Setting up e-mail

Useful reference sites for teachers

Search engines

Metasearch engines search other engines

Browser Shortcuts


Preventing e-mail viruses





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