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Basic Web Pages using Publisher 2002

by A A Richards

Basic Web Pages Using Publisher 2002 will help teachers and parents to give children a head start in the fundamentals of web page design and creation.

This book is suitable for whole class, group and individual teaching. It is divided into a series of lessons that gradually introduce the fundamentals of Web page design using Microsoft Publisher 2002 (instructions are also given for Publisher 2000). Correct technical vocabulary is gradually introduced to enable ease of communication. Each chapter is carefully designed to clearly show pupils how to perform basic tasks such as creating web pages, adding pictures, sounds, animation, navigation bars, scrolling marquees, hit counters, response forms and publishing the web site to the Internet. They can follow all tasks at their own pace with minimal teacher assistance.

No extra software is needed. Ideal for pupils aged 10-14.

Topics include:

  • About web sites
  • Creating a home page
  • Inserting new pages
  • Pictures and sounds
  • Animations
  • Navigation bars
  • Scrolling marquees
  • Hit counters
  • Publishing your web pages

Publication Date: November 2001
Page Extent:
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