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I basically want to buy the whole web site, April 2004
Reviewer: Mrs. Fiona Hambleton, Jamaica
I am a British teacher, living and working in Kingston, Jamaica. I teach (maths and) IT at the American International School. A wise person in our administration just ordered a set of your teacher resource books for me, and I tried some of the Excel photocopiable lessons out on my Grades 5 and 6 yesterday. They went so well, I went straight to your web site to see what else I can get my hands on! I'm particularly keen to get hold of the Basic HTML one.
I've been running the computer lab and teaching IT for about 4 years, and have been searching for at least that long for books exactly like the ones you're publishing. It's such a relief to me to find you! I basically want to buy the whole web site. Shame the salary doesn't quite allow it.


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Further Excel 2000-2002

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