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Basic Control with LOGO

MSW Logo is freely available as a download from The exercises in this text use standard LOGO commands which will work in other commercial versions of the language. Some differences are likely to occur when editing, saving and loading procedures or using colour.

Student Resources

Before pupils can complete Chapter 1 the files maze.bmp and maze2.bmp must be placed in the MSW Logo directory located at c:\MSWLogo. If you have not installed MSW Logo in this location pupils will need to be given additional instructions when they are asked to load the maze bitmaps on pages 9 and 11.

Click here to download maze.exe

The student resources are PC self-extracting .exe files. Click on a link to download a file then double-click the file in Windows Explorer / File Manager to expand.

Macintosh users please use Stuffit Expander 6.5 or above to expand the .exe files



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