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A book I highly recommend! February 2003
Reviewer: T. Campbell of Hardenhuish School, Wiltshire,
I have used this book with a number of students. It is well structured and the explanations are clear. As a result the students have designed and implemented some interesting projects.

Reviewer: Mr M Armstrong Harris,
Edgbarrow Schools CROWTHORN Berkshire
We are likely to adopt the AVCE texts as standard texts next year. We remain impressed by the quality of ICT texts

An excellent starter, January 2002
Reviewer: J Radbourne from Leicester
I use this book with my students, studying the 12 Unit AVCE course with Edexcel. Those students who are new to programming find it a very good starting point as the content is specifically tailored to AVCE students and it assumes no previous knowledge of programming or Visual Basic.
The assignment section for Unit 7 is a very good starting point for teachers who want to develop their own assessment projects and also an excellent "to do" list for students being assessed.
All in all I find it an invaluable "getting off the ground" book that has the pace to keep students occupied without overwhelming them. The book is, however, not a complete reference for VB, but at.. (the price) you would not expect it to be. If you do use this book with AVCE students, you will need to supplement it with a more comprehensive reference book.


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