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Word 2002 Right from the Start

Edited by R P Richards.

Are computers a source of apprehension and bafflement to you? Whether you want to write a letter to the bank, create an advertisement for your old Fiesta to put in the Post Office window or embark on your first novel, this book will explain how to do it in simple, straightforward English, You'll have no trouble following the simple instructions and what's more, you'll find it's fun!

Word 2002 Right from the Start is a useful guide for 16-18 year-olds on introductory ICT courses and adults either at work, attending evening class or learning on a home PC.

Starting from the very basics this book develops ICT skills through to an intermediate level.

Learn how to:

  • Write and edit letters and other documents
  • Insert clip-art, drawings and photographs to create eye-catching posters and flyers
  • Create long documents with chapters and page breaks
  • Organise facts and figures in neat lists and columns
  • Create your own business cards
  • Send a personalised 'mail-shot' to all your customers or members of your club

Publication Date: September 2002
Page Extent: 96pp
ISBN: 1 903112 77 X
Price: 9.95 10% discount minimum





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